Standard seal (RS seal) VS Triple lip seal (3L seal)

Standard seal (RS seal) VS Triple lip seal (3L seal)

Experience shows the seal has a critical role in bearing life, especially in the agricultural field.PFI manufactures all components always taking into account the original equipment manufacturer’s requirements and working conditions.

Bearings with RS seal are excellent for high speed and low contamination conditions. As far as this seal type is concerned, a single protective lip comes into slight contact with the inner ring surface to provide protection and tightness.

On the other hand,3L seal allows the bearing to work in highly polluting and abrasive conditions, but at low speeds. Bearings can work in direct contact with the soil and the crop, exposed to very high relative humidity. The difference between 3L seals and RS seals is that 3L seals include 3 protective lips allowing more robustness against aggressive environments.

What about speed limit?

As we improve bearing protection, we reduce its speed limit. Why does this happen? In order to improve bearing protection, we need to add more elements that are in light contact with the inner ring, which, in its turn, will cause more friction, increase the temperature considerably and limit speed.


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