Power Sports

traver farther

climb higher

roll stronger

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Power Sports

Travel farther. Climb higher. Roll longer.

The power sports industry is leisure and lifestyle based and it comprises recreational and utility-oriented vehicles. It includes off-road vehicles such as ATVs and SSVs (side-by-side vehicles), snowmobiles, heavyweight motorcycles and PWC (personal water crafts).


Despite being a niche market, it has been growing significantly in some parts of the world, based on drivers such as recovery of the global economy and increasing disposable income.

At present the use of power sports vehicles is not limited to recreational (sports, entertainment) activities, but it is also being put to use in various construction, agriculture, hunting and military based activities.

Our bearings, both standard and special sizes, are used for a wide variety of off-road power sports vehicles and they are designed to comply with the highest standards of durability and reliability to exceed customer’s expectations when operating in such demanding environments. PFI bearings used for these applications are primarily taper roller bearingsdeep groove ball bearings and PW double row angular contact ball bearings.

Make sure you find the right PFI bearing for each application