Benefic Race Zlombol 2019

Benefic Race Zlombol 2019


As a global producer of bearings, we, at PFI Bearings, like things that spin. This year we decided to take part for the first time, as a sponsor, in a very famous charity race called „ZLOMBOL” (Eastern European vintage car race), that has its starting point in Poland. This race is all about raising money for kids at children’s homes. The race is not exempt of challenges due to its extreme nature: each participant must cover around 2500 Kms and back, driving an old car, built or engineered during the communist era!!



During the “lucky edition” (destination Ireland, 29.06.2019 – 07.07.2019), as they called this 13th edition, Zlombol raised around 1.2 million PLN (300k€) and more than 450 cars participated in the event. The current highest mark was reached in 2018, during the “warm edition” (destination Greece, 800 cars), when an incredible amount of 2 million PLN (470k€) was raised.



So, what is the story behind ZLOMBOL? In 2006 two friends decided to drive their old cars from Katowice to Monte Carlo. After publishing a photo with their cars, FIAT 125p and Trabant (produced during communism, both worth maximum 500€) parked next to flashy, high-end Italian cars, in front of the Monte Carlo Casino, more people wanted to do the same. Next year, they did the same trip with similar cars such as POLONEZ, LADA, ZUK, NYSA, STAR, WOLGA etc. As cars were quite unique, they would always raise a lot of interest among the local community (and some alarm too, especially when they would break on the nicely built German highways…). This is how Zlombol came to life and during its years of existence, Zlombol presence and spirit have already touched cities like Loch Ness, Nordcapp, Tunis, Palermo, Lisboa or Istanbul, to name a few. There is even an official partnership between Zlombol and the Municipality of the city of Katowice.



Getting back to 2019, our crew drove an amazing distance of 4700 kms in 9 days, passing through Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, up to Ireland (Wicklow Mountains). Let’s not forget about the 4 ferries we had to catch, the night driving, the mechanical problems or the impossible mission of getting some sleep or grabbing a bite whenever it was possible! We had an incredible experience driving side by side with all the other enthusiastic participants and sharing an amazing trip full of anecdotes. Nobody was left behind and all of us were fueled by the same aim: create a small impact in orphan children’s lives by showing them we care enough to mobilize for their future well-being.



For the full story of Zlombol 2019, click here



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