Wheel Bearings (PW)

Wheel Bearings (PW)

Internally named “wheel bearings” (PW product line), this specific category is an umbrella for 2 different bearing families: double row angular contact ball bearings and double row taper roller bearings. PFI uses this specific PW nomenclature to enclose both categories. In the automotive industry, these bearings are known as 1st generation bearings. They are mainly used for automotive applications (light, medium and heavy duty), but they can also be found in agricultural applications.

PW bearings (1st gen bearings) are made with 100Cr6 alloy steel (AISI – SAE 52100), hardness of 60-65 HRC, meant to meet and exceed the technical requirements of axial and radial load and bending moments and they have internal radial clearance C3 for high speeds. Double row taper roller bearings have a higher load capacity and they are a plus in the current PFI portfolio, where they account for more than 20% of the range.


1st gen bearings are sealed and lubricated for life, they do not need preventive maintenance, guaranteeing excellent performance in conditions of high and low temperatures, as well as in dry, humid and watery environments. PFI Bearings manufactures these bearings for front and rear wheels, with magnetic encoder or ABS encoder integrated to the seal, depending on the application. Many of the PW bearings are available as full kits, providing the necessary accessories for complete assembly.


High grade steel
High mileage and high load capacity
Ball bearing and taper roller bearing designs
Premium grease
Optimized seals
C3 clearance
Sealed and greased for life

Low contamination risk
Maintenance free
With magnetic encoder or ABS sensor
Weight reduction by component integration
Full kit versions available (K suffix)
More than 300 different sizes in range
Easy installation

Make sure you find the right PFI bearing for each application