Taper Roller Bearings

Taper Roller Bearings

PFI taper roller bearings are used in automotive wheels, gearboxes and differentials, as well as in a large variety of industrial and agricultural applications. We offer an extensive taper roller bearing line in metric and inch sizes, including many rare and hard-to-get applications.

Taper roller bearings are made of inner ring, outer ring and taper rollers with cage and are meant to withstand combined simultaneous radial and axial loads (double row tapers can take axial loads in both directions). The taper roller bearing design provides a genuine rolling movement and low friction during operation. The contact angle is variable and it determines the axial load capacity of each size.
Single row taper roller bearings are detachable (cone assembly can be mounted separately from the cup) and interchangeable, but PFI doesn’t recommend interchanging cones and cups from different producers because of the internal geometry which grants optimum performance and long service life when used in the original set configuration. Typically, single row tapers are adjusted against a second taper roller bearing in pairs of two.


PFI range supplies both single row and double row taper roller bearings (check out PW bearing family), in standard metric (ISO norm) and inch (imperial) series (AMBA standard), as well as in non-standard sizes. We also supply U-type bearing sets which are compact unit type tapers, already greased and sold together with locking collar.

Our taper roller bearings are through-hardened and they have optimized geometry and surfaces to support high loads and reduce friction, granting high operation reliability and long service life. Nomenclature for single row metric and inch tapers is standard and easily identifiable. Double row taper roller bearings fall under PW  and PHU  bearing families.

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