Agricultural Bearings

Agricultural Bearings

PFI agricultural bearings is a diverse and versatile category that includes designs mainly based on deep groove ball bearings with high-performance seals (labyrinth type triple lip seals), optimized material and geometry to support heavy loads and impacts for extremely severe working conditions and harsh environments.

There is extensive variation of bearing types based on multiple possible combinations between locking devices, housings, different kinds of bores, numerous sealing and relubrication systems, to name some of the more obvious technical features.

The bearings that are based on the sealed deep groove ball bearings series 62 and 63 are referred to as “insert bearings” because, in most cases, they have an extended inner ring with a certain locking device. They also have convex outer ring.

Some of the bearings categorized as PFI agricultural bearings:

-200 series (deep groove ball bearings with special seals)

-light and heavy-duty disc harrow bearings (round, square and hexagonal bore, relubricable/ non-relubricable) – W and GW series; WIR series

-relubricable 4-bolt flanged disc units (PAFD and PAST series)

-extensive assortment of insert bearings (UC, NA, GE, GNE, GRAE, RA, RAE, RAL)

-agricultural hubs for independent tillage discs (PHA)

-cast iron pillow block units (UCP)


Improved sealing system for contamination exclusion

Quick and easy assembly to the shaft

Accommodation of misalignment issues

Comprehensive spectrum of available solutions and combinations

Available with or without relubrication holes

Long and reliable service life

Make sure you find the right PFI bearing for each application