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PFI produces a very comprehensive range of automotive, industrial, electric and agricultural bearings, mainly ball bearings, tapered roller bearings and needle roller bearings, both standard and special sizes. Current product portfolio is over 2.000 different SKUs and growing at a fast pace of 5%-10% each year, as a result of our agile corporate product development strategy.

We systematically scout the market for the most recent applications and we use our expertise to offer you the latest aftermarket bearings.The efficient implementation of new products stems from our in-depth market knowledge, thorough new product development methodology, solid engineering and excellent manufacturing practices.

Bearing Types

Clutch release bearings are axial ball bearings, developed to control component misalignment related to certain clutch conditions. Their design can vary from one model to the other and some of them are easily separable due to special mounting characteristics. PFI clutch release bearings are available for most American, European, Japanese and Korean passenger cars. We also offer clutch release bearings for selected heavy-duty truck, bus and tractor applications. Our clutch release part numbers begin with the PCR prefix.

PFI compressor bearings are angular contact ball bearings used in passenger car and truck air conditioning compressors. They are meant to work at high speed with low noise. We have a complete compressor bearing line and continually research the market to add new applications. Our compressor bearings begin with the PC prefix.


PFI needle bearings are designed for maximum load capacity with the smallest possible cross-sectional area. They are used in starters and alternators. We make our needle bearings with special Grade 2 rollers to ensure low noise operation. Our needle roller bearings usually start with the NB prefix.

PFI tensioner and idler bearings are single row radial ball bearings made with heat stabilized rings and special greases, in order to improve resistance to the high temperature present in passenger car engine compartments. The function of these bearings is to provide belt with tension while transferring drive force from crankshaft, preventing belt slippage. Our tensioner and idler bearings begin with the PTI prefix.

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