urban spirit

defying traffic

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Urban spirit defying traffic

Owing to freedom of movement in crowded urban environments, low environmental impact and ease of parking, the demand for motorcycles and scooters has increased considerably in the last decade.

The increasing inclination of consumers towards the adoption of electric and hybrid electric vehicles is expected to act as a prominent driver for the increasing global motorcycle market in the next years.

Motorbike end users look for a smooth and comfortable ride, robust performance, safety and a long use in between maintenance programs.

Regardless of the type of motorcycle (light motorcycles, scooters, electric motorcycles, sport motorbikes), bearings are critical components that can be found in the suspension, transmission, engine or wheel and each single motorcycle has a substantial number of bearings built in.

PFI Bearings produces a wide variety of deep groove ball bearingswheel bearings and taper roller bearings for motorcycles. Based on our manufacturing expertise, we ensure low friction and vibration levels, hence optimizing fuel consumption and compact sealing for water, mud and dust endurance.

Make sure you find the right PFI bearing for each application