Electric Motors

dependable, quiet running solutions

for efficient operations

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Electric Motors and Generators

Dependable, quiet running solutions for efficient operations

Electric motor is an electromagnetic device, which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. In the same way, the electric generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. From an internal construction point of view, they are practically the same device, but serving two different functions.

Electric motors are present in a vast array of industrial and automotive applications nowadays. Actually, we could not understand movement in industry without the multitude of electric motors used across incredibly diverse industries.

The part that is more often replaced in an electric motor is the bearing, so efficiency and service life depend heavily on the proper performance of the bearing.

PFI Electric Motor Quality (EMQ) bearings perform as per the highest electrical industry standards in operations of variable speed and low friction and they are 100% electronically tested for low noise and vibration.

The most common type of electric motor bearings are the single row deep groove ball bearings, which we have available in different closure and sealing options, both in standard and special sizes.

PFI’s EMQ bearings are energy efficient and reliable, ensuring smooth operation and helping our customers acquire the desired levels of productivity.

Our identity hallmark for this product line
is the blue color PFI seal.

Make sure you find the right PFI bearing for each application